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Business trends by region

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Sales by Market
  Q2 2012 Q2 2013 Change H1 2012 H1 2013 Change
  € million % € million % % € million % € million % %
EMEA (excluding Germany) 650 26.8 624 29.1 (4.0) 1,349 28.0 1,247 29.4 (7.6)
Germany 396 16.3 362 16.9 (8.6) 812 16.9 732 17.3 (9.9)
North America 439 18.1 357 16.7 (18.7) 862 17.9 684 16.2 (20.6)
Latin America 331 13.7 276 12.9 (16.6) 632 13.2 521 12.3 (17.6)
Asia-Pacific 608 25.1 522 24.4 (14.1) 1,157 24.0 1,052 24.8 (9.1)
  2,424 100.0 2,141 100.0 (11.7) 4,812 100.0 4,236 100.0 (12.0)

Sales in the EMEA region (excluding Germany) decreased by 4.0% to €624 million in the first quarter of 2013. Adjusted for exchange rate effects, the decrease was 3.8%. The Performance Polymers segment was particularly hard hit, with a near-double-digit percentage decline, while Performance Chemicals recorded a slight decrease in the low-single-digit percentage range. The Advanced Intermediates segment, by contrast, held its own with percentage sales growth in the high single digits. The negative sales development in the region mainly affected the U.K., Hungary, the Netherlands, France and Belgium. Switzerland and Italy, by contrast, registered slight growth.

First-half sales in the region fell by 7.6% to €1,247 million. The change was largely identical when adjusted for exchange rates, at minus 7.4%. The Performance Polymers segment registered a sales decline in the low-double-digit percentage range. The situation was similar in Performance Chemicals, where sales were down by a significant single-digit percentage. Against this trend, the sales figures in the Advanced Intermediates segment developed positively, registering growth in the mid-single-digit percentage range. The deteriorating business climate mainly affected the U.K., France, the Netherlands and Hungary. Positive impetus came from Turkey and Switzerland.

With a 29.1% share of total sales for the quarter and a 29.4% share for the first half-year, EMEA (excluding Germany) remains the largest of the LANXESS Group’s regions in terms of sales.

In Germany, our second-quarter sales shrank by 8.6% to €362 million. The Performance Chemicals and Performance Polymers segments were the most affected, with percentage declines in the high single digits. The Advanced Intermediates segment also registered a decrease in sales, but the contraction was lower than in the other two operating segments.

In the first half of 2013, our business volume in Germany decreased by 9.9% to €732 million. This was attributable to sales declines in the low-double-digit percentage range in the Performance Polymers and Performance Chemicals segments. The Advanced Intermediates segment performed counter to this trend with a slight increase in sales over the prior-year period.

Germany’s share of Group sales came to 16.9% for the second quarter and 17.3% for the first half, both figures slightly ahead of the prior-year period.

Sales in North America receded by 18.7% to €357 million in the second quarter of 2013. Adjusted for exchange rate effects, the decline was 17.2%. The significant decrease in sales in this region resulted in part from a base effect caused by still strong sales growth in the prior-year period. Sales of the Performance Polymers segment were down by a mid-double-digit percentage. By contrast, Advanced Intermediates raised sales slightly and Performance Chemicals sustained the year-earlier level with a small increase in sales. Business in the United States determined the region’s performance.

In the first half of 2013, sales in North America decreased by 20.6% to €684 million. Adjusted for exchange rate effects, the decline was 19.7%. This decrease was largely accounted for by the Performance Polymers segment, where sales were down by a mid-double-digit percentage. The Performance Chemicals segment also posted a slight decline in sales. By contrast, sales of the Advanced Intermediates segment rose by a mid-single-digit percentage.

The LANXESS Group generated 16.7% of its second-quarter sales and 16.2% of its first-half sales in this region. These were slightly lower proportions than the year before.

Sales in Latin America receded by 16.6% to €276 million in the second quarter of 2013. Adjusted for currency changes, sales fell by 14.5%. In this region too, sales development was significantly impacted by a base effect caused by strong sales growth in the prior-year period. The Performance Polymers segment in particular registered a considerable contraction of business. Advanced Intermediates also posted percentage sales declines in the double digits. With a small increase, Performance Chemicals was the only segment with sales close to the prior-year level. Brazil was the key country in the region in terms of absolute sales performance.

In the first half-year, sales in the Latin America region decreased by 17.6% to €521 million. On a currency-adjusted basis, sales fell by 15.5%. The decrease was attributable to the downturn in business by the Performance Polymers segment, which manifested itself in high absolute and relative sales declines. Sales were also down in Advanced Intermediates, which posted a percentage decline well into double digits. Performance Chemicals, by contrast, raised sales by a low-single-digit percentage.

The region’s share of Group sales came to 12.9% for the quarter and 12.3% for the half, which were below the prior year’s levels.

Second-quarter sales in the Asia-Pacific region dropped by 14.1% to €522 million. Adjusted for currency changes and minor portfolio effects, sales decreased by 13.0%. As in North America and Latin America, a base effect caused by still strong sales growth in the previous year was the reason for the decline in the reporting period. The Performance Polymers segment drove this development in the second quarter of 2013 in both absolute and relative terms, with sales declining by a significant double-digit percentage. Sales fell in the Advanced Intermediates and Performance Chemicals segments, as well, by a high- and low-single-digit percentage, respectively. China, Hong Kong and Taiwan played crucial roles in the region’s performance. Slightly positive momentum came from Singapore.

In the first half of 2013, sales in this region receded by 9.1% to €1,052 million. Adjusted for currency and portfolio effects, the decrease came to 8.0%. The shares of the segments were broadly the same as for the second quarter, with Performance Polymers the dominant segment.

Asia-Pacific’s share of Group sales came to 24.4% for the quarter and 24.8% for the half.